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Chef Anmol Chandock

Executive chef & Owner, Singh's Kitchen

Singh in Punjabi means lion, the animal that we take pride in associating ourselves with. We approached the flavors integrated to our menu at Singh’s Kitchen with the same level of ferocity as the lions we choose to represent our culture. Growing up immersed in that culture in Bombay, India, until my family came to America in 2002, leaving behind the comfort of a restaurant inundated with the aromas and flavors of their ancestral recipes. Providing basic needs for our family led my parents to slowly see their dreams of being restaurateurs in America slip into a fond memory. As the likeness for our food and its roots in the Punjabi heritage stayed intact, I was entranced with reviving my parents’ legacy while creating a new one that includes the culture that I assimilated into as a first generation Indian-American. A little bit Indian, a little bit American, Singh’s kitchen is the ultimate dining experience for those who want to feel the history behind their meal. I hope you enjoy the experience as I did to bring it to you.

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