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Cecilia Lanyon

The Cotton Duck Hospitality Group

Cecilia Lanyon is the co-founder of The Cotton Duck Hospitality group which owns and operates The Gallery, The Peanut Gallery and The Lucky Duck restaurants in Lake Forest. She serves on the Advisory board of The Deer Path Art League, Where she recently served as the Executive Director. Cecilia opened her first business in 2012, a Fine Art Gallery and Artist Studio called Re-Invent.  Her love of Art and Art history started early on- She started painting at age 6 and has continued to fuse her passion for art with her love of business. After meeting her partner and now husband Dominic Zumpano, she fell in love with hospitality- The two started The Cotton Duck, which was the first mergence of Their two true Loves: Food and Art.  Nearly eight years later and they continue to develop creative business concepts.  

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